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Accident Weekly Indemnity (AWI)


Product need and use:

An insurance company will often include Accident Weekly Indemnity (AWI) as part of a quota share cession of a package of accident benefits, where the main purpose is to reduce exposure on the Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) line. Less frequently, AWI is reinsured as part of a class of coverage to which the insurance company does not usually have exposure, and so wishes to cede 100% of the class, or a risk within the class (for example, Volunteer Firemen).


AWI Subject Insurance:

Most commonly AWI is written by the insurer as an incidental part of a package of accident benefits which includes AD&D, for example Business Travel or Brochure Lines.


AWI Reinsurance Design/Options:

It is rare for the AWI reinsurance to be other than quota share. Sometimes reinsurance will respond to a few high-limit individuals on excess limits.


Information Requirements:

  1. Classes of insured persons eligible for AWI benefits; and employee participation in premium, if in doubt (affects taxability).
  2. Proposed elimination periods and benefit periods.
  3. Definition of disability to be used in the policy.
  4. Benefit formula and limits.
  5. Hazards covered (e.g. travel, occupational injury, etc.).