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Group Basic Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Reinsurance

As a specialist in the Group Basic AD&D field, Sutton Reinsurance can offer competitive rates and specialized expert advice on product design. Often times Sutton Reinsurance will reinsure 100% of the AD&D risk thus allowing the insurer to focus on servicing their client’s needs with respect to core group benefits.


Product need and use:

An insurance company may require Group Basic AD&D reinsurance when the Basic coverage alone or in combination with other coverages (e.g. Voluntary and Business Travel) exceeds their maximum retention per person. Also, when high limits/low rates are involved, the insurer may simply want to reinsure a share of the Group Basic AD&D risk. The insurer may also require underwriting assistance or 100% support on a benefit that they do not write.


Group Basic AD&D Subject Insurance:

Group Basic AD&D Reinsurance provides coverage on a 24-hour basis, worldwide. The plan is usually set-up to equal the Basic Life plan.


Group Basic AD&D Reinsurance Design/Options:

Group Basic AD&D Reinsurance is usually purchased on a quota share or excess per life basis, but may also be purchased on an excess per occurrence basis.


Information Requirements:

  1. Standard Industry Classification (SIC) Code.
  2. Number eligible for insurance.
  3. Occupational mix i.e.number of lives by category: Office or White-collar versus Non-Office or Blue-collar.
  4. Principal Sums.
  5. Aggregate Limit.
  6. Loss Schedule.
  7. Optional Benefits.
  8. Special Hazards.
  9. Premiums/Claims experience.


Information Requirements:

Information requirements are outlined in Group Basic AD&D questionnaire from Sutton Reinsurance.