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Group Life Voluntary Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Reinsurance

As a specialist in Group Life Voluntary AD&D Insurance field, Sutton Reinsurance can offer competitive rates and specialized expert advice on product design. With respect to AD&D risk, often times Sutton Reinsurance will reinsure 100% of the risk thus allowing the insurer to focus on servicing their client’s needs with respect to core group benefits. Group Life can be reinsured on an excess or quota share basis.


Product need and use:

An insurance company may require AD&D reinsurance when the Group Life Voluntary coverage alone or in combination with other coverages (e.g. Basic and Business Travel) exceeds their maximum retention per person. Also, when high limits/low rates are involved, insurers may simply want to reinsure a share of the risk. The insurer may also require underwriting assistance or 100% support on a benefit that they do not write.


Group Life Voluntary AD&D Subject Insurance:

Voluntary AD&D insurance provides coverage for an employee and his/her dependents on a 24-hour basis, worldwide.


Group Life Voluntary AD&D Reinsurance Design/Options:

Group Life Voluntary AD&D Reinsurance is usually purchased on a quota share or excess per life basis, but may also be purchased on an excess per occurrence basis.


Information Requirements:

  1. Standard Industry Classification (SIC) Code.
  2. Number eligible for insurance.
  3. Occupational mix i.e.number of lives by category: Office or White-collar versus Non-Office or Blue-collar.
  4. Principal Sums and Limits for eligible dependents.
  5. Census Summary giving Sex and Marital composition.
  6. Aggregate Limit.
  7. Loss Schedule.
  8. Optional Benefits.
  9. Special Hazards.
  10. Premiums/Claims experience.


Information Requirements:

Information requirements are outlined in Group Basic AD&D questionnaire from Sutton Reinsurance.