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$25M per occurrence











High Limit Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Reinsurance

High Limit AD&D reinsurance is offered by Sutton Reinsurance on either individual insureds or on groups of top executives.


Product need and use:

Where group Limit AD&D insurance coverage is provided to a firm, limits provided to executives, partners or other high-income lives may exceed the insurance company’s retention rules, either alone or in a combination of coverages. High-limit Limit AD&D is used to reinsure the excess cover.


AD&D Subject Insurance:

AD&D subject insurance is usually some combination of Group Basic, Voluntary and Business Travel AD&D. On occasion, it is Individual AD&D with a high issue limit.


AD&D Reinsurance Design/Options:

This reinsurance can be structured on a Quota Share or Excess basis. For Death benefits, they have the same effect – either the Principal Sum is payable or it is not. Cedants may seek Quota Share coverage, for example, $750,000 part of $1,000,000, or Excess, for example, $750,000 excess of $250,000. An exception is reinsurance of the 200% paralysis schedule, where excess is the usual method whenever the cedant wishes to retain 100% of the Principal Sum for other benefits.


Information Requirements:

  1. Sum to be insured, ground up and desired retention.
  2. Number of lives to be insured, and either the specific amounts per person or total.
  3. Volume for all lives, with maximum sum to be insured.
  4. Whether or not Permanent Total Disability and/or a 200% Paralysis schedule is to be provided.
  5. Ages of insureds. If a group coverage, and nobody over 65 is insured, this can be omitted.
  6. Any known hazardous exposures, whether business (e.g. corporate aircraft, or war risk) or personal (e.g. private flying, or mountaineering).
  7. Desired coverage restrictions, e.g. air only, common carrier only, or "all conveyance" only.