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Industrial Aid Accident Benefits

Industrial Aid Accident Benefits reinsurance is primarily offered as a facultative reinsurance placement but treaty can also be arranged. Although it is an unusual term that describes this type of reinsurance coverage, Industrial Aid Accident Benefits coverage is essentially a protection for businesses that have company-owned, operated or leased aircraft and who wish to insure the employees who travel on these aircraft. Sutton Reinsurance also offers protection for land-based travel exposures as well.


Product need and use:

This Industrial Aid Accident Benefits product is sometimes referred to as corporate aircraft, or seat accident coverage. The insurance company may not want to retain the exposure posed by owned or leased aircraft used by their clients in the furtherance of their business. By purchasing seat accident coverage, the insurer is able to reduce the potential for losses resulting from aircraft accidents.


Industrial Aid Accident Benefits Subject Insurance:

Subject insurance can be Basic Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D), Voluntary AD&D Business Travel AD&D or any combination thereof.


Industrial Aid Accident Benefits Reinsurance Design/Options:

The Industrial Aid Accident Benefits reinsurance covers AD&D, losses of one or more lives on a company-owned (individual) or leased aircraft. Reinsurance can be purchased on a quota share or excess per life/per occurrence basis.


Information Requirements:

  1. Aircraft Classification:
    • Fixed Wing, Rotor Wing, Amphibians, etc.
    • Number of Seats
  2. Pilot Classification/Qualifications.
  3. Analysis of Exposure:
    • Seat Occupancy - number of employees travelling together at any one time.
    • Sums insured per life.
    • Aggregate limit.
    • Utilization - annual flight hours for each aircraft.
    • Special Hazards - air ambulance, aerial photography, crop dusting, pipeline/powerline inspection, offshore oil rigs, etc.
    • Physical Hazards - mountainous terrain, airport facilities or flying over open water are some examples.