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Industrial Aid Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Industrial Aid Workers’ Compensation Benefits is primarily offered as a facultative reinsurance placement but treaty can also be arranged. Although it is an unusual term that describes Industrial Aid Reinsurance coverage, the coverage is essentially a protection for businesses that have company-owned, operated or leased aircraft and who wish to insure the employees who travel on these aircraft. Sutton Reinsurance also offers protection for land-based travel exposures.


Product need and use:

Company-owned aircraft exposures are often excluded from an insurer’s workers compensation treaty or from the original workers compensation policy. This leads to the need to cover these risks facultatively with Industrial Aid Reinsurance.


Industrial Aid Subject Insurance:

Key features of Industrial Aid Workers’ Compensation Insurance:

  1. Benefits are prescribed by state law.
  2. Each state has a unique benefit structure.
  3. Medical benefits are unlimited and lifetime.
  4. Employers Liability is capped at $1M in most states. NY is a key exception.
  5. Death benefits are based on salary, marital status and number of dependents. In many states they are capped.

Disability benefits are based on salary, marital status, and number of dependents. The publication “Analysis of Workers’ Compensation Laws” by the US Chamber of Commerce statistics and research center provides a description of the benefits prescribed by each state.


Industrial Aid Design/Options:

The reinsurance covers WCA benefits of one or more lives on a company-owned or leased aircraft. Sutton Reinsurance will normally reinsure these risks on an excess basis with a minimum deductible of $100,000 and a “Maximum Any One Life” (MAOL) of $1M.


Information Requirements:

  1. Please provide name of insurance company to be reinsured.
  2. Please provide name, brief description of business, and location of company insured under original policy.
  3. Please specify proposed effective date (generally reinsurance is offered for a maximum period of 12 months).
  4. Please specify desired Attachment Point (deductible) and limit of reinsurance liability.
  5. Please indicate the Year of Manufacture, Make, Model and type of aircraft to be covered.
  6. Please provide usage of the aircraft. Is it used for passenger transport only, or other purposes (please describe)?
  7. Please indicate Estimated Annual Flight Hours.
  8. Please indicate Estimated Average Passenger Load.
  9. Please specify the location of where the plane(s) is hangared.
  10. Please prove information on the Pilots’ Classification/Qualifications.
  11. Please indicate if there are any:
    • Special Hazards - air ambulance, aerial photography, crop dusting, and pipeline/power line inspection, offshore oil rigs, etc.
    • Physical Hazards - mountainous terrain, airport facilities or flying over open water are some examples.