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Known Concentrations Reinsurance

Quite often insurers are faced with unusually high aggregations of risk associated with groups or associations. For example, conventions or special events will create both aircraft concentrations and land-based hotel concentrations. Sutton Reinsurance offers high-limit reinsurance to protect insurance companies against temporary exposures for known concentrations.


Product need and use:

In many cases, an insurer may not wish to retain the exposure posed by a multi-life loss on a single policy. By purchasing Known Concentrations Reinsurance, an insurer is able to reduce or eliminate the potential for large losses resulting from a single event, for example attendees of an annual sales meeting on a single aircraft.


Known Concentrations Subject Insurance:

Known Concentrations subject insurance can be a Basic Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) or Business Travel AD&D policy or a combination thereof. It may also be a life policy from which the reinsurer carves out the accidental death benefit.


Known Concentrations Reinsurance Design/Options:

Typically Known Concentrations Reinsurance covers AD&D losses of one or more lives on a single conveyance or at the destination. Known Concentrations Reinsurance can be provided on a quota share or excess basis.


Information Requirements:

  1. Type of coverage required – Conveyance-Only, 24-Hour, Hotel Concentrations-Only.
  2. Number of lives exposed.
  3. Sums insured per life.
  4. Aggregate Limit.
  5. Travel Arrangements - types of conveyance, destinations, additional hops.


Information Requirements:

Information requirements are outlined in Known Concentrations questionnaire from Sutton Reinsurance.