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$25M per occurrence











Out-Of-Country Medical Coverage

Primarily offered to Canadian insurers, Out-of-Country Medical Insurance from Sutton Reinsurance is a policy that is either a group employee (or association) benefit or sold as an individual product (commonly to older aged individuals). On a reinsurance basis, the Out-of-Country Medical insurance is mostly offered as an excess coverage protecting the insurer against shock losses or losses involving multiple individuals in one occurrence.


Product need and use:

An insurance company may wish to reinsure Out-of-Country Medical Coverage to reduce the impact of potentially large claims (policies are generally issued with $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 limits per person).


Out-of-Country Medical Subject Insurance:

The Out-of-Country Medical subject insurance provides reimbursement of hospital and medical expenses excess of the insured’s provincial plan in the event of expenses incurred due to an emergency while travelling. It may be written on a short-term trip basis or as a year-round benefit under group extended health care programs.


Out-of-Country Medical Reinsurance Design/Options:

The Out-of-Country Medical Reinsurance may be written as a treaty on an excess of loss or quota share basis for a cedant's portfolio of Out-of-Country whether the original business is short-term trip coverage or group coverage under extended health benefits as above. It may also be written on a facultative basis for large stand-alone cases (e.g. credit cards) again on an excess of loss or quota share basis.


Information Requirements:

  1. Nature of reinsurance:
    • treaty or facultative.
    • excess of loss or quota share.
  2. Subject insurance - short term trip or annual benefit under group health.
  3. Maximum any one life.
  4. Size of case or number of certs.
  5. Provincial breakdown.
  6. Provincial breakdown.
  7. Age maximum, trip-length maximum.
  8. Loss experience.