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Special Risk Reinsurance

Special risks often pose difficult challenges to primary insurers. Sutton Reinsurance specializes in the pricing and underwriting of special risks such as skydivers, hang gliders, and private pilots to name a few.


Product need and use:

In some cases an insurer may require reinsurance where they wish to reinsure coverage on certain special risk occupations/avocations, for example: skydiving, lumberjack or firemen. The insurer may simply want to reinsure a share of the risk or may require underwriting assistance in some cases.


Special Risk Subject Insurance:

Special Risk subject insurance is usually Basic and/or Voluntary Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D). Special Risk coverage may be on a 24-hour basis, or on an occupational-only basis.


Special Risk Reinsurance Design/Options:

Reinsurance for special risk is usually purchased on a quota share or excess basis.


Information Requirements:

  1. Type of exposure or occupation.
  2. Sums insured per life.
  3. Number of lives to be insured.
  4. Whether or not PTD, 200% paralysis, Accident Weekly Indemnity (AWI) or Accident Reimbursement Expense benefits are to be included.
  5. Whether or not coverage is to be offered on a 24-hour or occupational-only basis.