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Trip Travel, Credit Card and Travel AgentReinsurance


Product need and use:

The insurance company may not wish to retain the high sums insured now generally offered, or risk the potential of concentrations of lives on a single conveyance. In addition, as Trip Travel, Credit Card and Travel Agent Reinsuranceis often several different types of coverage (Flight Accident, Out of Country Medical, Trip Cancellation, etc.), an insurer may wish to carve-out a specific Trip Travel, Credit Card and Travel Agent Insurance coverage because they lack the expertise to underwrite it, or perhaps it does not fall within their charter.


Trip Travel, Credit Card and Travel Agent Subject Insurance:

The subject insurance can be any one of, or a combination of Common Carrier Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D), 24 Hour AD&D, Flight only (can include Permanent Total Disability), Rental Car AD&D, Out of Country Emergency Medical, and may include family benefits. Benefit packages also usually include Trip Cancellation, Baggage, etc.

These covers may be sold by Travel Agents, Rental Car Agencies, Operators of Common Carriers (now uncommon), or through Credit Cards and Travel Cards. Credit Card plans can be purchased by the insured two ways:

  1. Card-activated Plans - benefit is built into cost of card and provides coverage automatically whenever ticket is charged to the card.
  2. "Charge and Fly" Plans - coverage is purchased for a specific trip.


Trip Travel, Credit Card and Travel Agent Reinsurance Design/Options:

Reinsurance for the AD&D coverages may be provided on a quota share or per-life excess basis to reduce the impact of losses on lives with high principal sums. In addition, catastrophe covers may be required to limit the size of a multi-life loss to the insurance company. Reinsurance for Out-of-Country Emergency Medical is usually provided on a per-life excess basis.


Information Requirements:

  1. Travel Agent name or name of marketing organization or name of Credit Card (including status e.g. Classic, Gold) and description of way in which benefits are to be sold (e.g. card-activated).
  2. Types of coverage offered (Common Carrier AD&D, Rental Car) and enhancements.
  3. Sums Insured, Aggregate limits.
  4. Size of card base if credit card business, or expected number of transactions if travel agent business.
  5. Is there a family plan?