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War Risk Reinsurance Coverage

Sutton Reinsurance offers war risk coverage on a stand-alone basis or as part of a 24-hour business and pleasure benefit. As a specialist in the war risk reinsurance field Sutton Reinsurance can offer reinsurance capacity in the most dangerous regions of the globe.


Product need and use:

An insurance company may not want to retain the exposure posed by losses which could occur from war or any act thereof. By purchasing war risk reinsurance, the insurer can limit such losses or even carve-out this class of risk as a whole.


War Risk Subject Insurance:

Most insurance contracts carry a standard exclusion for war risk. There are two ways in which coverage can be extended to war risk:

  1. A stand alone contract covering war risk only; this is appropriate for individuals travelling to a country with "hot war" conditions for a specific period of time.
  2. Or removal of the war risk exclusion in the existing policy(ies) (e.g. Business Travel, Basic Accidental Death & Dismemberment etc.); this is appropriate for firms which carry out their activities internationally, and so expose their employees to potential war risks on a casual and unplanned basis.


War Risk Reinsurance Design/Options:

Reinsurance can be purchased on a quota share or excess basis.


Information Requirements:

  1. Number of lives exposed.
  2. Sums insured per life.
  3. Destination.
  4. Length of stay.
  5. Occupational hazards.


Information Requirements:

Information requirements are outlined in War Risk Reinsurance Coverage questionnaire from Sutton Reinsurance.